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Commercial Appraisals

Go West takes a very individualized approach to commercial appraisals, as each property can differ substantially in it's occupancy, construction and utility. From low to high rise office towers, retail developments, industrial warehouses, and developments of mixed use, we have the ability to customize the appraisal to suit any kind of commercial properties.

Full rebuild analysis with interior development, shell with partial interior development, or a shell with exterior finishes only, we have a solution that will establish the parameters of the insurable structures and align them perfectly with your insurance policy. This assists greatly when it comes to tenant improvements, as we define exactly what's included in the base structure of the development, which leaves both the owner's and tenant's insurable responsibilities very clear. 

Developments we specialize in include:

  • Commercial office buildings - low and high rise

  • Retail occupancies - including strip retail, large malls, restaurants etc.

  • Industrial, manufacturing and warehousing

  • Resorts, lodges, hotels and motels

  • Government infrastructure and facilities

  • Schools and universities

  • Airport infrastructure and hangars

  • Private recreational facilities 

See the Unique Properties page for even more properties we appraise

Each commercial appraisal includes a comprehensive building description and valuation, documented construction detail, full site improvement (landscaping) costing, full demolition and debris removal costing, the inclusion of all current construction and fire codes, plus the latest localized costing research and data to ensure your insurance policy is highly accurate. 

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