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Insurance Appraisals

Accuracy, Clarity, Experience.


Go West provides the most clear, intelligent, value-driven appraisals in the industry.

Providing real world value in assessing the accuracy of your insurance policy, our team of accredited appraisal professionals have conducted thousands of insurance appraisals across Western Canada and the strength of these reports are demonstrated time and time again. 

More than any other appraisal on the market, our reports are highly comprehensive in detail and underwritten by industry leading research and data, which enables an insurer to obtain the most accurate policy premiums and the lowest cost for you, the client. 

Our role as appraisers is to ensure your asset is fully covered in the event of a loss, but we also make sure that you aren’t paying excessive premiums due to over-valuing and over-insurance.

Each expert appraisal includes:

  • A full property description with accompanying photos.

  • Documented construction detail.

  • Costing of the structures including substructures (basements/ parkades), superstructures (above grade building structures), roof structure, exterior wall and roof finishes, interior finishes, HVAC, security systems, common amenities, and more.

  • Site improvements including roadways, walkways, fencing, trees/ lawns, retaining walls, lampposts etc. 

  • Full demolition and debris removal costing to clear the site ready for reconstruction.

  • Incorporation of current building, fire protection and energy codes, along with applicable construction bylaws.

Why obtain an insurance appraisal ?

Property owners, managers, boards/ councils, and insurers agree, obtaining an insurance appraisal is the best way to instill confidence that you're not paying excess insurance premiums and to ensure that you're fully covered in the event of a loss. The benefits are clear. From saving a client up to $75,000 in annual insurance premiums, to correctly appraising an under-insured property prior to a $25 million dollar loss - our expert appraisers are here to guide you through the process.

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